I had the luck and privilege to be taught agile facilitation and coaching by Lyssa Adkins herself the last time she taught the course in London. I took my copy of this book in (equally covered in marginalia) and she wrote the loveliest message to me in the front of it. She is as amazing in person as she is in print.

My favourite dysfunction (!) is when someone looks at an agile chart of some kind (burn down, etc.) and instead of trying to fix the problem the data tells them about, try to fix the data generated so the charts look like its meant to. :(

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I am so jealous! :) I reached out to her and asked to interview her. I received a response from her assistant. I need to follow up. And yeah, your data is wrong...change the story point values...change the day you marked the story complete....mark the story complete even though you only completed a small part of the story (multiple problems there)....Sigh.

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