Agile Notes (No. 8)

Every week, on Fridays, I send out an email highlighting a concept relating to Agile/Scrum/Continuous Improvement. Here we go…..

We are continuing with some notes from The ART of Avoiding a Train Wreck by Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne L. Wilson. ART is short for Agile Release Train and is a concept from Scaled Agile. We are in the home stretch with ART. This week, a bonus snapshot! Two for the price of one!

No NEW defects. DO. NOT. DELIVER.BUGGY.CODE. Don’t make things WORSE. It IS INDEED a CULTURAL PROBLEM. Accepting NEW bugs (even on a buggy product) is not acceptable. Your Definition of Done at the MINIMUM is “working code.” Not “it works in ALPHA.” Not QA needs to test it.” If this is acceptable, you need an intervention. :)

I love the anecdote above. Why is it ok to produce buggy code? IT IS NOT. And it never should be. Declare defect bankruptcy if you have to - old defects are in the past. No New Defects going forward.

PLEASE, leave a comment. Are you struggling with new bugs being generated in your Sprints?

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