Agile Notes (No. 2)

Every week, on Fridays, I will send out an email highlighting a concept relating to Agile/Scrum/Continuous Improvement. Here we go…..

This first note comes from the series: Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review: Agile and the article “Agile: How toGet in the Game (And Not Get in the Way)” by Darrell K. Rigby.

I should have made this the first Agile Note. This is from the Introduction and it introduces us to the concept of “initiative proliferation.” I like to call this “management by fire drill.” It does not work. It will NEVER work. Pick your top 5 - maybe even your top 3 biggest bang for your buck priorities. Then, double and triple check if you have enough people - enough HUMANS - to do the work. (That means - deliver a quality product - something that will be sustainable for more than a month.) And then….get.out.of.the.way. You’re not helping.

Stop kidding yourself.

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