Agile Notes (No. 18)

Every Friday, I send out an email highlighting a concept relating to Agile/Scrum/Continuous Improvement. Lets get to it….

This week, we continue with Notes from the excellent Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins. I love how Lyssa brings her practice of mindfulness and being present into her coaching. Being an agile coach is about listening and communication.

I’ve said it before, this book does not have a lot of fun content that would make great screen grabs. It is FULL of valuable information, tips, guidance, etc. Like the one above - its a tool, a game to break habits/patterns - when individuals start dominating conversations that SHOULD be collaborative. We’ve all seen this happen.

This game is about finding and establishing balance among team members. It takes time and many restarts to find the right rhythm and flow. Flow is THE central concept of this book. Being an Agile Coach is about helping teams get into and maintain flow that delivers working product/code/whatever. This game is a great tool to add to your tool kit.

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